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bwa0001   Our Love Is Special Script

bwa0002   Best Wishes w/ Doves 2 Color

bwa0003   Your Bridal Shower w/ Bells

bwa0004   Our Wedding Day Slanted

bwa0008   Happy Anniversary w/ Bells

bwa0009   Happy Anniversary w/ Doves

bwa0010   Happy Anniversary w/ Flower 3 Color

bwa0011   Happy Anniversary 3 Color

bwa0012   Congratulations

bwa0013   Best Wishes

bwa0014   A Gift For You...

bwa0015   Two Hearts Sharing One Life

bwa0016   Showers of Happiness 2 Color

bwa0018   Wedding Rings 2 Color

bwa0005   Our Wedding Day w/ Heart Border and Doves

bwa0006   Our Wedding Day w/ Heart Border

bwa0007   Our Wedding Day w/ Doves

This catalog contains copyright protected custom design artwork specifically for imprinted ribbon. Each design has its own unique item number and also states the size ribbon it can be printed on. You determine the color of the ribbon and the color of the foil to be imprinted. Any changes in any way of the design artwork will require a new printing plate and therefore a $25.00 plate charge. There are no additional charges for the artwork as is. See price lists. Remember the design only fits the size ribbon stated. When placing an order please include the item number, the size ribbon, the color ribbon, the color foil for printing, and the quanitity of 100 yard spools. The minimum order is 100 yard of any design. Ribbon is available in the followin sizes (1.5 = 5/16")(3 = 5/8")(5 = 7/8")(9 = 1-3/8")(16 = 1-15/16")(40 = 2-5/8"). v-vertical h-horizontal f-flipped = type of presentation on ribbon.

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