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acs0258   Chain - Side Solid

acs0260   Chain - Side Hollow

acs0262   Football Player

acs0266   Helmet - Football - Star

acs0268   Football - Megaphone - Pom

acs0270   Claw and Football

acs0272   Basketball

acs0274   Basketball Garland

acs0276   Footall Garland

acs0278   Stars Tilted

acs0280   Touchdown - Vertical

acs0282   Touchdown - Diagonal

acs0284   Hat - Spur - Boot

acs0287   Deer - Elk - Antelope

acs0288   Band

acs0289   Pennants

acs0290   We Got The Spirit - Stars

acs0293   Homecoming - Field Goal

acs0296   Homecoming - Extra Long

acs0302   Lightening Bolts - Small Solid Diagonal

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This catalog contains copyright protected custom design artwork specifically for imprinted ribbon. Each design has its own unique item number and also states the size ribbon it can be printed on. You determine the color of the ribbon and the color of the foil to be imprinted. Any changes in any way of the design artwork will require a new printing plate and therefore a \$25.00 plate charge. There are no additional charges for the artwork as is. See price lists. Remember the design only fits the size ribbon stated. When placing an order please include the item number, the size ribbon, the color ribbon, the color foil for printing, and the quanitity of 100 yard spools. The minimum order is 100 yard of any design. Ribbon is available in the followin sizes (1.5 = 5/16")(3 = 5/8")(5 = 7/8")(9 = 1-3/8")(16 = 1-15/16")(40 = 2-5/8"). v-vertical h-horizontal f-flipped = type of presentation on ribbon.

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